A Carnival Cruise Fundraiser to “SOW” Into!

Set sail on a journey of both relaxation and philanthropy aboard a Carnival Cruise Line. From July 28 to August 2, 2025, the Carnival Freedom will be your luxurious home as we embark on a five-day voyage departing from the enchanting city of Orlando, Florida. But this cruise isn’t just about breathtaking oceanviews and thrilling onboard entertainment—it’s about making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

By booking this cruise, you’re not only treating yourself to an unforgettable experience but you’ll also be championing a cause close to our hearts by supporting the Sisters Overcoming and Winning (SOW) organization, dedicated to empowering women and communities. Plus, here’s the cherry on top: thirty days after the cruise, Carnival will generously donate $20 per person who sails with us, amplifying our impact even further. And that’s not all—I am committed to giving back, too. I pledge to donate 50%of the commission I receive from sales of the cabins, ensuring that your contribution goes even further. So, come aboard, join us in spreading joy, and let’s sow the seeds of change together.

Book now and be a part of something truly meaningful!  For more information see the flyer below and go to https://links.divineexplorers.com/sow

About SOW

Sisters Overcoming and Winning (SOW) is an international community of women who foster a camaraderie of sisterhood while encouraging each other with spiritual encouragement and self-empowerment on social media, virtual events, and in-person conferences.

SOW is the manifestation of a seed that God planted within the promise of his appointed daughter, Shawon Shericka Turner James while she was yet – in her 16 year old mother’s womb. The seed had been incubating for 45 years by the time of delivery on March 26, 2018.

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